A beautiful challenge for the Musée du Jouet

The sheer number of items to be exhibited over a space of 3,500m²… More than 4,000 works on display and 24,000 in reserve: unique pedestals, spotlighting, all-glass windows of exceptional size (more than 4m high and 2,5m long), while keeping all of the setting’s accessibility and transparency desired by the architect and curator.


A technological challenge for W HOTEL

Ultra-sophisticated technology integration: backlighting a wall with color-change LEDs to create an interactive dialog between the Haussman era historical building and the dynamic new design of the W Hotel Paris Opera. This is a development and design task for a truly luxurious location, requiring absolute attention to detail.


A challenge of exquisite precision for SEALED AIR

Designing and painstakingly installing a ceiling of stretched birch flakes, specially adapted to suit the site layout and extremely tight deadline, led us to call on our integrated carpentry subsidiary HP84 to pre-fabricate it in our workshops. In order to give us the final wave-form ceiling, 1700 specific altimetric points were calculated, letting us digitally cut out each flake with exceptional precision!