A beautiful challenge for the Musée du Jouet

The sheer number of items to be exhibited over a space of 3,500m²… More than 4,000 works on display and 24,000 in reserve: unique pedestals, spotlighting, all-glass windows of exceptional size (more than 4m high and 2,5m long), while keeping all of the setting’s accessibility and transparency desired by the architect and curator.


A rush hour challenge for SNCF DIJON

We undertook the complete renovation of Dijon’s SNCF railway station without closing it to the public (the lobby, travelers’ area, waiting room…). This required the implementation of some large-scale solutions to both keep the travelers’ safe and organize the flow of foot traffic through the station. The REPONSE Group used a multi-phase approach for this refurbishment project.


A technological challenge for W HOTEL

Ultra-sophisticated technology integration: backlighting a wall with color-change LEDs to create an interactive dialog between the Haussman era historical building and the dynamic new design of the W Hotel Paris Opera. This is a development and design task for a truly luxurious location, requiring absolute attention to detail.


A truly titanic challenge for ORANGE

Creating Orange’s Très Grande Boutique in Marseille involved a huge restructuring of the building, including reworking the interior space to integrate several shops on the site: we underpinned 600m².


A challenge of exquisite precision for SEALED AIR

Designing and painstakingly installing a ceiling of stretched birch flakes, specially adapted to suit the site layout and extremely tight deadline, led us to call on our integrated carpentry subsidiary HP84 to pre-fabricate it in our workshops. In order to give us the final wave-form ceiling, 1700 specific altimetric points were calculated, letting us digitally cut out each flake with exceptional precision!


“Serial” challenges for KIKO

Manufacturing and installing complex wave-form fittings to fit every one of 160 individual and unique retail outlets in France and in Europe? Challenge accepted and completed in only 18 months!
The REPONSE Group drew on the enormous skill and expertise of our integrated subsidiary CONTRACT to pull of this feat of large-scale furniture production.